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Celt Street Evangelical Church, IV3 5JD


Celt Street Evangelical Church is a charity registered in Scotland SC008505

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Learning what the Bible teaches is very important to us. Therefore each Sunday we have a Bible teaching session. Our teachers are varied in age and background and the content also varies, sometimes we look at subjects sometimes we do a series through a book of the Bible, but always it is Biblical and relevant for our lives as Christians today.

All who know Jesus Christ as their Saviour are welcome to join us as we remember Him each Sunday morning at 10:30

EVERY TUESDAY AT 7:30PM (Sept - June)

Come and hear how God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world [of people] might be saved. This is God's Good News, how our every sin can be forgiven, cleansed, removed and we be reconciled to God - eternally free from God's righteous  judgement